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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Was last years hunt unsuccessful? Is your call scaring away game rather than attracting them? Check out the Headhunter's Extractor which is aimed at doing just the opposite of scaring them away.

Headhunter Extractor

Flextone Game Calls, the industry leader in natural sounding game calls, introduces the new Headhunter's Extractor deer call to their 2015 hunting assortment.

The new Extractor deer call system makes virtually all the sounds today's whitetails want to hear. With its new call selector design "X-Glide", simply slide the button to the desired sound you want. No more fumbling with changing O-rings or pressing down at the wrong place and getting undesired deer sounds. The Extractor perfectly makes exact mature buck grunts, young buck grunts, doe grunts, doe bleats or fawn bawls every time.

Not only does the Extractor have an attractive antler texture around the mouthpiece, but it also sports a super loud snort-wheeze chamber for when you need to get aggressive with a dominate buck to pull him within range. The Extractor offers an added bonus through the famous "Flextone Technology" material design. Its molded throat tube is flexible enough to not only offer realistic tones, but also add inflection. No deer makes cookie-cutter sounds, so why should you? Simply squeeze the corrugated hose to change tone and add inflection to any call you throw at your trophy buck.

For hardcore whitetail hunters who endure frigid temperatures, the Extractor's Freeze-Free design keeps you hunting all day. Simply slide the X-Glide button back and forth a few times to rid the Extractor of any ice build-up on your reed.

The Flextone Headhunter's Extractor will meet all your deer calling needs with instant, reliable deer sounds that can endure anything Mother Nature throws at you.

Headhunter's Extractor Features:

  • X-Glide button, slides for instant and reliable buck, doe or fawn sounds.
  • Freeze-Free design quickly eliminates reeds from sticking.
  • Super loud snort wheeze chamber for aggressive calling.
  • Flexible throat tube for instant inflection and tones.


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