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Montana Decoys offer three models of lightweight packable decoy helping call in your next bull. These decoys are responsible for more bull elk harvests than any other decoy on the market as they are super simple to use. When you’re setting up after hearing a bugle, simply “unfold” the decoy and either place yourself between the decoy and your bugling bull, give the decoy to your calling partner and have him move behind you. When the bull sees the decoy, he will be locked in on his “cow” and won’t even see the shooter. Montana Decoys are crafted of a lightweight, yet durable polyester fabric with a detailed photo-image printed on both sides for a 3-D effect, Montana Decoys give new meaning to portable and realistic.

Because they pack down to a 2" x 16"-diameter disc that weighs only up to 2 pounds with
stakes included, they are easy to pack into the most remote locations. Montana Decoy "Miss September"A spring-steel band inside the body pops the decoy open for fast, easy setup, and a simple twisting motion folds it for transport. Fiberglass tent-style poles with step stakes support the decoy.The three models available from Montana Decoy are shown from top to bottom; Elk I, “Miss September”, and Cow Elk III Flasher







Montana Decoy Elk III Flash




Garden Prairie, IL
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