Elk Hunting Scopes

Leupold® VX-3 Riflescopes

Leupold® VX-3 Riflescopes

Use your Leupold VX-3 Riflescope to penetrate the gloom of early mornings and dusky evenings with innovative Xtended Twilight™ lens technology that targets and amplifies the light wavelengths most commonly found in near-dark and twilight conditions. VX-3 scopes have a wide field of view, lockable fast-focus eyepieces with noncritical eye relief, and rugged construction for long-term reliability.  A high quality rifle scope is a must for elk hunter, as larger caliber high recoil guns are used for this type of hunting. Its precisely machined housing and components are precision-fitted for rock-solid structural integrity in extreme conditions. The scope is charged with second-generation argon/krypton gas for complete waterproof reliability and thermal shock immunity that's guaranteed for life. Edge-blackened lenses improve resolution and contrast by cutting diffusion and reducing glare. Abrasion-resistant DiamondCoat 2™ external lens coating provides long-lasting clarity and greater light transmission. Precision twin-spring erector with cryogenically treated adjustments for pinpoint long-distance accuracy. The dedication to excellence in both optics and construction makes the VX-3 perfect for everything from close encounters with big game to long-range competitive target shooting, which is why there are three different finishes – matte, gloss and silver – and so many reticle options. 1/4-MOA windage and elevation adjustments.

  • Xtended twilight lens system
  • Second-generation argon/kryton gas
  • Diamondcoat 2 external lenses
  • Twin-spring erector system
  • Edge-blackened lenses reduce diffusion
Trijicon® AccuPoint® Riflescopes

Trijicon® AccuPoint® Riflescopes

Trijicon is without question pressing the envelope in riflescope innovation.  The Trijicon AccuPoint features illuminated reticles for fast target acquisition in any light condition. Trijicon hunting scopes utilize fiber optics and tritium for their illuminated reticle with does not require the use of heavy and inconvenient batteries. These innovative scopes are available in magnification ranges from 1.25-4 to 5-20 with objective lenses from 24mm in diameter to 56mm. Choose from three reticles: Amber triangle-post, Red triangle post or the crosshair reticle in Amber or Green. The triangle post reticles are very useful for hunting dangerous game or in situations where fast target acquisition is essential. Amber is a color that's superb for low-light hunting conditions, and Red helps you pick up a target fast in sunny or bright conditions. The illuminated crosshair-dot reticles make long-distance shots easier. Choose the Amber crosshair reticle for low-light applications and the Green reticle for bright shooting conditions. Lenspen and cover included.

  • Illuminated reticle for fast target acquisition
  • Fiber optics and tritium – no batteries needed
  • Great for hunting dangerous game
  • Perfect for low-light, dusk and dawn applications
  • Seven models to choose from
Burris Fullfield II Riflescope

Burris Fullfield II Riflescope

Burris has taken the popular Fullfield scope to the next level with the introduction of the Fullfield II.  If you're looking for a high quality scope without forfeiting your child's future college education, look at the Fullfield II.  The scope is excellent for large caliber rifles as it has no problem holding a zero with large recoil.  Some of the Fullfield II models incorporate the Ballistic Plex Reticle which eliminates holdover with a traditional duplex cross hair.  Contact Burris with your ballistics information and they'll tell you at exactly what distances your hash marks will be on target. This scope is even more forgiving for eye position and is shorter, lighter and even stronger than the original. The magnification ring and eyepiece have been made into one solid unit requiring only two seals rather than three. Changing magnification is as easy as turning the eyepiece. Like the originals, they have a one-piece main tube and eyepiece with the steel-on-steel adjustment system. The European-style diopter system is easy to use and requires no locking mechanism.

  • Waterproof
  • 95% light transmission
  • One-piece tube
Nikon Monarch® Scope

Nikon Monarch® Scope

The Nikon Monarch is an elk hunter's dream scope.  Made for any rifle, any condition, any game, any time (early or late). Eye Box technology offers 4X zoom range, 4" of constant eye relief, a huge ocular lens, generous field of view and locking side focus parallax adjustment for any distance (for models exceeding 10X). Ultra ClearCoat® Optical System gives maximum light transmission up to 95%. Hand-turn 1/4-MOA reticle adjustments (1/8-MOA and sunshades come standard on 5-20x44 and 6-24x50 models). Waterproof, fogproof, shockproof and recoilproof. Lifetime warranty.

  • Generous eye relief for any rifle setup
  • Ultra ClearCoat Optical System for maximum light transmission
  • Waterproof, shockproof and fogproof
Cabela's Alaskan Guide® Premium Riflescope

Cabela's Alaskan Guide® Premium Riflescope

Cabela's only uses the name Alaskan Guide® on products that meet our strictest quality standards, and our Alaskan Guide Riflescopes meet those stringent criteria. It's hard to improve on our originals, but with this new Alaskan Guide Premium Riflescope, we have achieved a higher level of design and performance and offer it to you at a price much less than other premium optics. Lens surface is fully multicoated for exceptional light transmission, producing crisp, clear images, even under poor lighting conditions. One-piece aluminum tube ensures superior strength and durability. And the scope is waterproof and nitrogen-purged to eliminate any possibility of internal fogging. Power adjustment is rubber coated, and the adjustable objective (AO) ring is knurled for easy turning even when wearing heavy gloves. Positive-click increments on the fast-focus eyepiece gives you precise positioning. Metal-to-metal contact between the windage and elevation adjustments and the erector tube ensures accurate windage and elevation adjustment. Boasts long eye relief to accommodate all shooters and 1/4-MOA adjustments.

  • Fully multicoated lenses
  • 100% waterproof and fogproof
  • One-piece aluminum tube
  • Fast-focus eyepiece
  • Rubber-coated power adjustment
Vortex® Viper® Riflescopes

Vortex® Viper® Riflescopes

Each Vortex® riflescope is a product of uncompromising craftsmanship, unprecedented design and innovation. Elk hunters rely on the Vortex Viper for those demanding, long-range shots. Its superior light transmission and advanced, fully multicoated optics offer stunning detail and color differentiation. The XR anti-reflective coating eliminates annoying, image-degrading reflections and offers extraordinary brightness for a lifetime of trouble-free lens protection. Extra-low Dispersion (XD) glass objective lens enhances the resolution for true-to-life image viewing. Precision-Force Spring System maintains a constant force throughout the entire range of motion – virtually eliminating change in spring pressure over time. Precision-Glide Erector System provides exceptional resistance to temperature change, corrosion, stress cracking and friction-induced wear. Waterproof and fogproof with argon gas purging. Solid one-piece aircraft-grade aluminum-alloy tube. Fast-focus eyepiece. Quick Reset Turrets. MAG-View bar adjustment. Imported.

  • The go-to for long-range shots
  • XR anti-reflective coating
  • Extra-low Dispersion glass objective lens
Zeiss Conquest 1" Riflescopes

Zeiss Conquest 1" Riflescopes

MC coatings and lightweight, lead-free glass provide superior optical clarity, color fidelity, brilliance and the widest field of view in their class. The nonmagnifying reticles in each of the Conquest scopes keep the reticle image constant and hide as little of the target as possible. Up to 66" of windage/elevation adjustment gives you the ability to cope with any situation. Waterproof even with turret caps off, Conquest scopes assure the shooter of a clear view even in the most adverse conditions. They have 1" tubes, and are nitrogen-filled to prevent internal fogging. Each has an anodized-black surface and matte finish.

  • Long 3-3/4" eye relief
  • Waterproof and nitrogen-filled
  • Zeiss Advanced Optics System
  • Fully-coated matte finish


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