Don't let dehydration hold you back with these Hydration Reservoir Llineups

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Always make sure you're hydrated. Just the simple loss of 2% of water can start the ill effects of dehydration which hinders ones performance. Badlands looks to keep those ill effects at bay with these reservoir packs.

Always in pursuit of the highest quality, longest-lasting materials and technologies, Badlands is releasing an all-new lineup of hydration reservoirs that set a new standard for mobile hydration.

Badlands All-New Hydration Reservoir

Working with industry leader Hydrapak®, Badlands is releasing three new sizes of reservoirs that are compatible across the Badlands pack lineup. The Badlands Elite reservoirs will be offered in the following sizes with the listed features:

  • Available in 3L (approx. 100 oz.), 2L (approx. 67 oz.) and 1L (approx. 34 oz.)
  • Each reservoir includes insulated tube<
  • Plug-N-Play™ connector is compatible with in-line filtration options
  • Reversible for easy cleaning and drying (simply turn entire reservoir inside-out and wash with hot water and soap) The reservoir is also dishwasher safe when inside-out
  • Constructed with .25 mm thick TPU for superior durability and flexibility
  • Wide slider opening for quick filling and leak proof seal
  • Legendary Badlands Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

Badlands designer Chris Lambert said, “We know that the users of our packs are working extremely hard as they pursue game worldwide. We also know that it’s imperative that they stay hydrated and can depend on their gear to perform flawlessly. The new Badlands hydration reservoirs are made of the best materials, are the toughest we could make and are the easiest to use and maintain. The combination of those three points combined with our lifetime warranty provides the peace of mind outdoorsmen are looking for.”




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