Don't Let This Deer Fool You

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Delta McKenzie Targets releases their new BLOODLINE BUCK line and the details are very accurate.

Delta McKenzie Targets Bloodline Buck

Delta McKenzie Targets® rolls out the new BLOODLINE™ BUCK and BLOODLINE™ BUCK XL Targets. The BLOODLINE’s redesigned details create a look that enhances archery practice that impersonates a realistic hunting exercise to better prepare for accurate shots in the field or on the range. Bloodline features FlexFoam construction for durability and arrow stopping capabilities as well as ease of extraction. Both have replaceable, high impact core centers that will add significantly to the life of the target.

The BLOODLINE™ targets are built to withstand the most punishing crossbows and compound bows on the market and can be used with shooting field tips as well as fixed or expandable broadheads. BLOODLINE™ targets are also built to withstand the elements and disassemble easily for transportation and storage. 

BLOODLINE™ BUCK measures 40”H x 45.25”L x 9.5”Depth with an MSRP of $129.99.

BLOODLINE™ BUCK XL measures 45”H x 37”L x 12”Depth with an MSRP:  $199.99



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