.30-06 Outdoors Makes Tuning Your Bow Easier

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

If you've been having a hard time tuning your bow, .30-06 Outdoors may have a product for you to aid the process.

.30-06 Outdoors LLC Introduces a new, user friendly approach to bow tuning with the Patent Pending, Paper Tune-It System. Now, for less than the cost of an arrow, with this step-by-step system an archer can tune their own rig with ease.

.30-06 Outdoors Paper Tune-It System

Users have the luxury of seeing all the recommended arrow rest and nocking point adjustments right before their eyes, on the tuning paper. It takes the guesswork out of what some view, a mysterious task.

Shop owners agree, this gives them a new item to sell to their customers. “It’s a great add on sale for Deer Camp or a late night bow emergency” says Steve Davisson Archery Manager at Fisherman’s Warehouse.

The Paper Tune-It System includes the tuner frame and 10 sheets of tuning paper. Additional tuning paper sold in packs of 20. MSR on the whole system is $11.95.



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