New Turkey Decoy's From Avian-X

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Turkey hunters, check out this new decoy by Avian-X. Decoys are so realistic, you may even mistake them for live game!

Turkey decoys from Avian-X are so realistic, so life-like that hunters are getting used to fooling gobblers and drawing them in on a string. Now the incredible Lifelike Collapsible Decoys (LCD) from Avian-X are available in perfect mirror images of Rio Grande and Merriam turkeys. 

Avian-X Decoy

Avian-X decoys already changed the game for turkey hunters across the country with their line of Eastern turkey LCD decoys. The contoured look, feather detailing, perfection in colorations and irresistible body postures are matched only by nature's real thing. That same amazing eye for detail,combined with exhaustive research of turkey behavior to reproduce attractive body language, comes to the very first subspecies-specific turkey decoys.

All wild turkeys are beautiful, and that's particularly true of the Rio Grande and Merriam subspecies. On the new Avian-X decoys, the distinctive blonde rings and light-colored edges of a Rio or Merriam gobbler's fan scream for attention when seen by a real gobbler. Although the current line of Eastern LCD decoys have done a great job in bringing in all subspecies, the die-hard turkey hunters at Avian-X couldn't resist adding their revolutionary No-Flake paint scheme to Rio Grande and Merriam decoys. The gobblers in those parts of the country have certainly never seen anything like these new turkey decoys.

Both the Rio Grand and Merriam lines from Avian-X include the LCD Quarter Strut Jake, sub-dominant pose that drives gobblers crazy, and the more-dominant LCD Lookout Hen with her head held high. With this combination of decoys you have the best of many worlds with the intrusion of the Jake that is in a very submissive pose, while the Lookout Hen portrays a more dominant posture. This is a hen that is irresistible to gobblers, and it is also a challenge to other dominant hens for those times when you need to call in the flock to drag a gobbler along.

Crafted from rugged Dura-Rubber, an LCD decoy folds tightly and fits easily into a turkey vest, yet it won't crease or dent. Realistic motion comes via a unique one-piece folding stake system. It allows for ample movement, yet the system prevents the unnatural spin common with lighter decoys.

Turkeys aren't the only animals the amazing Avian-X LCD decoys fool. There are plenty of reports of coyotes and other predators attacking Avian-X turkey decoys. A popular hunting magazine recently published trail-cam pictures of an Avian-X LCD Quarter Strut Jake decoy being attacked by a coyote and then a hawk! The new Avian-X LCD Rio Grande and Merriam packs as well as the complete line of Avian-X decoys are available at all major retailers



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