Turkey Calls From ZINK

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Reliability of calls in all weather types is important. ZINK has a turkey call that works in any weather condition.

Sweet sounds, yet built to overcome tough weather conditions, that's what hunters know to expect from Zink Calls. An industry leader in hand-built custom game calls, Zink Calls is proud to introduce the Wicked Series, its newest line of premium friction turkey calls.

ZINK Wicked Series

As many hunters know, Zink Calls originally emerged in the waterfowl arena.

Materials and products were tested in the roughest of wet weather conditions. This knowledge and experience from real hunters in real conditions gave birth to the Wicked Series of friction turkey calls from Zink.

The Wicked Series features custom slate and crystal calls built using a wood pan constructed of Brazilian cherry, which is then impregnated with acrylic. This system has been utilized for years with Zink Calls waterfowl products. Now, combining this acrylic technology with slate and crystal surfaces brings turkey hunters the ultimate weather-beating friction call.

The acrylic component is key to providing two unique features of the Wicked Series of friction calls. The acrylic waterproofs the wood pan call from spring snow, rain or damp weather. The common swell or shrink that occurs in commonly used wood style pans isn't a factor with these Wicked Series calls. Also, the impregnation of acrylic adds a whole new sound dimension to these custom-built friction calls. The acrylic in these turkey calls, as with Zink waterfowl calls, adds more tone and sound.

The calls reproduce turkey language exactly, yet the tone is unique and irresistible to a gobbler. The Wicked Series also offers a few other features only found in Zink brand turkey calls. A no-slip grip ring allows for a positive hold on the side of the pan, even when the hunter is wearing gloves. The striker conditioner is also integrated into the bottom of the pan, so there is no need to reach for sandpaper. With just a little twist of the striker tip, you always have a positive bite on the slate or crystal call surface.

Added to this is a revolutionary sweet spot, an additional calling surface integrated into the bottom of the call. This small spot makes perfect tree calls, clucks, purrs and just plain ol' soft and sweet turkey talk.



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