Acorn Rage Juiced Scent From Wildgame Innovations

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bringing in game is a challenge at times. Our food plots can only do so much, so we rely on scents to help our food. Wildgame Innovations has another scent to help bring in game.

Wildgame Innovations Acorn Scent Juiced

All serious deer hunters know acorns are a deer magnet. Acorn Rage from Wildgame Innovations allows hunters to utilize that magnetic attraction for deer any time of the year in any type of habitat. Now, Acorn Rage Juiced makes it easy to turn any mineral lick, trail-cam location or hunting stand into a deer location deer will seek out and return to over and over.

Acorn Rage is not a flavoring or an extract. It is not a scent or aroma. Acorn Rage is actual real acorn taste, and it is aptly named because it drives deer into a rage of hunger. Wildgame Innovations has made it possible to finally use the attractive pull of real acorns all year long. Mixing crushed acorns with a special oil-enriched roasted soybean meal through an extensive extrusion process produces the unique Acorn Rage product. This process stabilizes and preserves an essence of acorn that actually triggers a deer's sense of taste and smell.

Acorn Rage Juiced is a liquid version of this powerful attractant. Acorn Rage Juiced acts like a time-released version of the popular powdered Acorn Rage. Pour Acorn Rage Juiced over logs, stumps, or directly on the ground to create a mineral site deer can't resist. Acorn Rage is not only attractive to deer, but the product is also nutritionally important in aiding their overall health and helping support superior antler growth. This concentrated formula is ready to use right out of the jug.

Acorn Rage is just one of many powerful, effective products from Wildgame Innovations. Feed and supplements from Wildgame Innovations combine nutrition with attraction to provide deer with tasty nutrients they need to develop into mature, healthy animals. Every product is made with the company motto in mind:

"Nutrition, Attraction, and Action!" Most hunters agree that real acorns are the most effective, widespread natural deer attractant. Deer literally will walk right past corn feeders and food plots to get to ripe acorns when they begin raining down in the fall woods. They'll do the same when they smell and taste Acorn Rage.



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