Browning Trail Cameras Steps Up the Standards For Trail Cams

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Browning Trail Cameras sets the bar higher by offering new trail cams offering true HD. That's pure 1080p playback!

Browning Trail Cameras

After another year of extraordinary growth, Browning Trail Cameras went back to the drawing board in search of a way to build on the remarkable success of the Sub-Micro Series cameras they introduced in 2014. And the result is nothing less than astonishing. For 2015, Browning Trail Cameras has taken their proprietary BuckWatchHD™ technology and is introducing four cameras that will give users unprecedented experiences when it comes to capturing HD video with their trail cameras.

The first two cameras are part of the historically popular Recon Force and Spec Ops series and they have been completely updated for 2015 with state of the art BuckWatchHD™ technology. This technology not only continues to deliver the industry’s highest quality images, but now these cameras can capture 1920 x 1080 HD video with sound. This is legitimate 1080p content that you just can’t find anywhere else in the trail camera market. Simply play the videos back on a 60” HD TV and see for yourself that you’ve shot TV quality content without sacrificing clarity and you didn’t even have to be there!

The other two cameras are part of the wildly popular Sub-Micro Series cameras, the Strike Force and the Dark Ops, and they too have been completely updated for 2015 using cutting edge BuckWatchHD™ technology. With the ability to capture stunning 1280 x 720 HD videos with sound, users will immediately see how the improved video quality can enhance their overall game camera experience after they see things they’ve never before when using their old trail cameras.

In addition to their revolutionary video capabilities, the cameras will still come right out of the box with the features that have made Browning Trail Cameras the fastest growing brand in the trail camera industry. From the fast trigger speeds and recovery times, to the self-adjusting illumination on nighttime content, to the retail prices that are all under $200, these high performance cameras will continue to deliver the industry’s best quality without breaking your budget.



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