A Light Weight Quiver From Trophy Taker: The Quivalizer

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

If your quiver is weight you down, why not check out this quiver from Trophy Taker.

Trophy Taker's aptly named QuivalizerTM reduces bow weight, improves bow balance and increases aiming stability at full draw by combining the quiver and the stabilizer into a single unit. No tools quick release connections allow the QuivalizerTM to be used like a one piece quiver. It can be clipped to the side of the bow for storage and transport and moved into shooting position in a matter of seconds.

The Quivalizer by Trophy Taker

One look at a lineup of professional target shooters and it is no secret that a well balanced bow with a longer stabilizer is more accurate than one without.  The QuivalizerTM addresses both issues by offering a longer than average stabilizer that helps store quiver and arrow weight on the correct side of the bow. At the same time, overall bow weight is noticeably reduced thanks to its lightweight design.

The QuivalizerTM is easily converted from right to left hand, allows the arrows to be stored on either side of the stabilizer and offers left/right adjustment to fine tune your bow's balance at full draw.

If you want a lighter weight, better balanced bow that aims like a target bow, check out Trophy Taker's QuivalizerTM...another product in Trophy Taker's line that lives up to their goal of bringing target precision to hunting camp.

Be sure to visit your local archery retailer to see the QuivalizerTM advantage for yourself.

Trophy Taker QuivalizerTM:

MSRP: $219.99

MAP: $199.99



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