TenPoint Launches Stealth FX4 - Their Ultra-Compact High-Performance Crossbow

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

TenPoint excitedly announces their new ultra-light high-performance crossbow the Stealth FX4. This little bow packs quite a punch, all while fitting perfectly balanced in your hands.

TenPoint Stealth FX4

High-tech crossbow manufacturer, TenPoint Crossbow Technologies’® introduced its new Stealth FX4™ at the opening of the 2015 ATA Show in Indianapolis, IN on January 8. One of TenPoint’s two ultra-compact platform models engineered for superior fit, form, and function, the Stealth FX4 is a faster version of its award-winning predecessor, the Stealth SS™.

“In 2013, we defined what compact crossbows were all about,” said Rick Bednar, TenPoint CEO. “Now, the new Stealth FX4 helps refine that definition. It’s rock-solid, built like a tank but maneuvers like a luxury automobile.”

The Stealth FX4’s stock assembly features TenPoint’s FSB™ (Functionally Superior Bullpup) stock and a black anodized, 19.5-inch tactical, fluted aluminum barrel, fitted with a 4-inch bullpup version of its 3 ½ lb. T2™ trigger.

Configured with optimal comb-height and length-of-pull, the FSB butt stock uses strategically placed cutouts to reduce weight and improve balance. In addition, the stock is equipped with dual-purpose rubber safety wings that reduce noise and vibration and help keep the shooter’s fore-grip hand safely below the flight deck. This stock and shortened barrel configuration measures a comfortable and compact 34.4 inches long.

The crossbow’s supercharged 185-pound bow assembly measures a narrow 13.3 inches axle-to-axle when cocked and features a 13.4-inch power stroke, making the bow highly maneuverable in the woods. Its 11-inch IsoTaper™ limbs are newly powered by HE2™ (Hybrid Eccentric 2) cams, the heart of the speed upgrade, and DynaFLIGHT 97 string and cables with a hard yoke system.

Assembled, the Stealth FX4 weighs only 6.8 pounds without accessories and shoots up to 370 fps.

Like all TenPoint models, the Stealth FX4 also features TenPoint’s DFI™ (Dry-Fire-Inhibitor). Equipped with the ACUdraw™ or ACUdraw 50™, TenPoint’s patented cocking units and the 3x Pro-View 2™ scope, the Stealth FX4 is double-dip, fluid imaged in Mossy Oak® Country® camo.

The model sells only as a complete package that includes three Pro Elite™ carbon arrows with Omni Nocks™, quiver, Bowjax Noise Dampening Kit, and Side-Mount Quiver Bracket.

Stealth FX4 MAP: $1,199 with ACUdraw 50, $1,299 with ACUdraw.



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